Senior Leadership Team

Marie Bramley (1)

Marie Bramley


As Principal of Hillcrest Normal School since 2015, I have the privilege of leading a talented and committed team in a supportive school community. Through my leadership, and working with a supportive Board, we continue to work toward our school vision of Growing Creative Learners from Within and providing the best possible learning opportunities for the children in our community.

I thoroughly enjoy my position at Hillcrest Normal School and look forward to working with you in partnership to support your child to achieve success.

Andy Peart 22

Andy Peart

Deputy Principal

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa
Ko Karioi maunga tōku whakaruruhau
Ko Whāingaroa te moana whakamahea
Ko Ngāti Pākehā tōku iwi
No Raglan ahau
Ko Peart tōku whānau
Ko Christina tāku wahine
Ko Scout rāua ko Piper āku tamāhine
Ko Andy tōku ingoa
Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa 

I am passionate about seeing the full development of the ‘whole child’, celebrating their strengths and helping grow their dispositions, character, understanding, capabilities and skills to equip them to thrive in community. I closely support the Senior school team, and as the liaison person for the University of Waikato, I look after the many student teachers assigned to us as a normal school. My leadership responsibilities include supporting and designing professional learning for teachers, the pastoral care of students, and mentoring provisionally registered teachers. I also enjoy helping foster a creative community of learners and working with our school whānau group to ensure success for all of our students in a way that reflects who they are.

I feel privileged to work in such a diverse and dynamic school where children, teachers, and their families work so positively together.

Neil, Sandra (2)

Sandra Neil

Assistant Principal

I have been working at Hillcrest Normal School since 1998 and was appointed Assistant Principal in 2005. I have lived in Hamilton all my life and started school at Hillcrest Normal School as a five year old.

I love working at Hillcrest, every day brings a new challenge and lots of laughs to share. I enjoy supporting new students and their families as they transition to school, and looking after all the children in the Junior school. I am also responsible for our learning support programmes for a range of students across the school.

Maclean, Miel

Miel Maclean

Assistant Principal

Tēnā koutou katoa
Ko Ingarangi te whakapaparanga mai,
Ko Te Kuiti te whenua tupu
Ko Kirikiriroa te kāinga
Kei Tihipuke au e noho ana
He kaiako au i Pūtikitiki Te Kura
Ko Jason taku tane
He Holly raua ko Jaxon aku tamariki
Ko Miel Maclean taku ingoa

Tēnā tātou katoa

I have worked at Hillcrest Normal School for 16 years, ten of these as Team Leader of Year 4. I am privileged to continue this leadership as Assistant Principal, overseeing the Middle Team. I have a passion for creating opportunities for children to find their strengths and grow a love of learning and believe strong partnerships with whanau are an important part of this. One of my roles is helping lead Literacy across the school to create pathways for children who require both support and extension by working alongside students and supporting teacher capability.

Hillcrest Normal School is a special place to be part of, one that supports and nurtures the growth of not only students, but staff and the wider school community, making it a joy to come to school each day.

Leigh Mason

Leigh Mason

Assistant Principal

Kia ora tātou,

Ko Parihaka te maunga

Ko Hatea te awa

Ko Matoaka tōku waka

Ko Pakiha tōku iwi

No Whangārei ahau

Kei Morrinsville tōku kāinga ināianei

Ko te Whare Wananga O Waikato tōku kura

Ko Mason tōku whānau ingoa

Ko Ngaia tōku wāhine

Ko Leigh tāku ingoa

Ko Isabella tāku tamāhine

Ko Fletcher tāku tamatāne

No reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa


I am blessed to have worked at Hillcrest Normal School for a number of years now. My experience lies predominantly in extending our Year 5 & 6 tamariki, seeing them SHINE as they continue into fulfill their potential within our kura. I have particular passions for seeing children step out of their comfort zone to extend themselves in all areas; academically, socially, physically and mentally. It is a privilege to work alongside our seniors as they embark on new opportunities, build on their strengths and find new passions.


Junior School Team

Ramsay, Phillippa

Phillippa Ramsay

Year 1 Team Leader

Room 3, Year 1

Rachel HG 22

Rachel Hamilton-Gibbs

Room 1, Year 1


Jordyn Green

Room 2, Year 1

Emma Bourke

Emma Curle

Room 2, Year 1

Wilson, Leah

Leah Wilson

Room 3, Year 1

Jackson, Debbie

Debbie Jackson

Room 4, Year 1

Elias, Belinda

Belinda Elias

Room 5, Year 1

Page, Cherie (1)

Cherie Page

Year 2 Team Leader

Room 21, Year 2/3

Blewden, Catherine

Catherine Blewden

Room 18, Year 2


Jacinda Bell

Room 18, Year 2


Tina ter Ellen

Room 19, Year 2


Anna Harrison

Room 19, Year 2

Feisst, Jennifer (1)

Jennifer Feisst

Room 20, Year 2

Middle School Team

Maclean, Miel

Miel Maclean

Year 3 Team Leader

Room 17, Year 3


Ngaia Mason

Room 17, Year 3

Sophie Tayler

Sophie Tayler

Room 15, Year 3

De Hoedt-Norgrove, Ciannait (1)

Ciannait de Hoedt Norgrove

Room 16, Year 3

Metcalfe, Jo

Year 4 Team Leader

Room 13, Year 4

Mistry, Meenal_

Meenal Mistry

Room 12, Year 4

Pip Stewart

Pip Stewart

Room 11, Year 4

Melody Pitcher 22

Melody Pitcher

Room 14, Year 3/4

Senior School Team

Jacobs, Amanda (1)

Amanda Jacobs

Year 5/6 Team Leader

Room 10, Year 5/6

Green, James

James Green

Year 5/6 Team Leader

Room 23, Year 5/6

Jacob, Joshua (2)

Joshua Jacob

Room 6, Year 5/6


Kelly Williams

Room 7, Year 5/6


Lynette Townsend

Room 8, Year 5/6

Tyrrell, Jess

Jess Tyrrell

Room 9, Year 5/6

Jennie Jarvis

Jennie Jarvis

Room 22, Year 5/6

Learning Support Staff

Learning Support Teachers


Michelle Macintyre

Learning Support Coordinator



Therapy Dog

Diane Leech

Diane Leach

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) & ORS


Shivani Kant

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


Rayleen Ramsay

Literacy Support


Anna Harrison

Literacy Support


Ngaia Mason

Te Reo / Kapa Haka


Maree Lynch

Classroom Release Teacher (CRT) - Senior School


Jordyn Green

Classroom Release Teacher (CRT) - Junior School

Thomas, Jo

Jo Thomas

Classroom Release Teacher (CRT)

Taylah Russell 22

Taylah Russell

Classroom Release Teacher (CRT)

Learning Assistants


Alison Hynes


Melina Arnold


Julie Gee


Geoff Hills

James, Kimberly (1)

Kimberly James

Krishnan, Ravi (1)

Ravi Krishnan

Young, Audrey (2)

Audrey Young


Jo Luckie

Mexted, Anna (1)

Anna Mexted

Jack, Richard (1)

Richard Jack

Bex Smith 22

Rebecca Smith

Jole web 3

Jole Naufahu

Support Staff

Admin Team

Crocker, Debbie

Debbie Crocker



Prue Lye

Office Administration

French, Julia (1)

Julia French


After School Care


Melina Arnold

After School Care Supervisor


Julie Gee

After School Care Supervisor

Caretaker, Cleaners and Gardener


Nigel Cavanah


de Waard, Kim (1)

Kim de Waard



David and Ivy

School Cleaners

Board Members

Marie Bramley (1)

Marie Bramley



Corey Redwood

Presiding Member


Helen Johnson


Dean Baldock

Dean Baldock

Parent Representative


Nathan Leith

Parent Representative

photo_ Wencui Zhu

Wencui Zhu

Parent Representative


Miel Maclean

Staff Representative


Prue Lye

Minute Secretary

Friends of the School

The Hillcrest Normal School Friends of the School (FOS) is a group that supports our school community. We focus on providing fun and social activities that bring together teachers, students and their families, as well as fundraising for targeted projects that enhance and enrich the Hillcrest Normal School experience for our children.

Click here if you are interested in being involved with the Friends of the School


Our whānau group meets once a term and is focused on working in partnership to support Māori students in the school to achieve success as Māori.