Children need to be enrolled at the school office prior to starting school.

For new entrant children, enrolment should be made at least six months before their start date so class visits can be made through the Schoolbridge transition to school programme. This allows us to plan for class numbers and is especially important for new entrants.

The enrolment form can be downloaded using the button below and is also available at the school office. A gifted and talented (GAT) form is also available to help us identify and provide support for your child if they have special talents or abilities. Completed enrolment forms should be returned to the school office.

New Entrant Enrolments / Cohort Entry

As of term 2,  2020, Hillcrest Normal School will use a cohort entry system.

Cohort entry refers to children starting school as a group, at the beginning or mid point of a term, on or after their fifth birthday  as opposed to starting school individually on their fifth birthday.

Children do not have to start school until they are 6, but it is school policy that the earliest they can start school will be the first day of term, or the midpoint of the term, on or after their 5th birthday.

Why cohort entry?

  • To allow students to settle quicker to school
  • Evidence shows that starting school alongside others can help foster relationships and supports smoother entry to school
  • Less disruption for class teachers as they can plan for groups of students doing both school visits and starting school
  • Allow for easier planning of staffing requirements
  • Allow for a more beneficial Schoolbridge  programme

Hillcrest Normal school has two intakes per term.  These entry dates are determined by the Ministry of Education.

Once your child has been enrolled you will be sent details of Schoolbridge visits and school start dates. Any questions please contact the Assistant Principal, Sandra Neil by email. sneil@hillcrestnormal.school.nz 

2024 – Term: Start of Term Cohort Date Mid Term Cohort Date



Cohort 1


Cohort 3


Cohort 2


Cohort 4


3 Cohort 5


Cohort 6


4 Cohort 7


Cohort 8


School Zone

Hillcrest Normal School has an enrolment zone. This means that families who live outside the enrolment zone and wish to enrol their child must apply for a place. A map of the school zone is below. Please check with the school office if you are unsure whether your property is in zone.

Hillcrest Normal School Zone

All students who live within the zone indicated below are entitled to enrol at the school.

You can also download a list of the streets in the Hillcrest Normal School zone (button below).

In Zone Enrolments

Students who live in zone must live permanently within the school zone and may enrol at any time. The following original documentation needs to be provided.

  • Your child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Parent’s passport (if the child has a parent who was not born in New Zealand, we must photocopy the parent’s passport for ESOL funding).
  • Your child’s immunisation record.
  • Two separate documents showing proof of address, such as a signed tenancy agreement and a utility account.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Applications for out of zone enrolments close on 13 September 2024. Places are allocated by priority and then by general ballot. The School Board determines the number of out of zone places to be offered. This decision is governed by the size of the in zone intake for any year.  Currently, we are accepting any out of zone enrolments during the year for New Entrants only. 

Priority is given to:

  1. Brothers and sisters of current students at the school
  2. Siblings of past pupils of the school
  3. Any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school
  4. Children of staff or board members
  5. All other applicants

Students Who Move Out of Zone

If a child moves out of zone while attending Hillcrest Normal School the office must be advised immediately. All cases will be presented to the School Board for discussion and consideration. If the family has lived in the zone for six terms or more, the child(ren) will usually be allowed to stay. If the stay has been of short duration, the family may be asked to leave the school by the Board members. In most instances, current students will be allowed to complete their education at Hillcrest Normal School, however siblings will not be able to enrol (out of zone procedures apply).

International Students

Alternative enrolment procedures are required for international fee-paying students. For more detailed information visit our International information page.


Schoolbridge is our transition to school programme. It’s an opportunity for children, whānau and the school to get to know each other, helping children feel confident about coming to school.

Schoolbridge sessions run once a week, for one hour, in a new entrant classroom at Hillcrest Normal School. You are welcome to attend three to four sessions in the month before your child starts school. Schoolbridge visits give children the opportunity to get familiar with the school environment and experience some general class routines. Parents also have the chance to ask questions and discuss issues important to them.

After enrolling your new entrant child at Hillcrest Normal School, you will receive an email invitation to attend a parent information evening and start Schoolbridge with your child. For more detailed information visit our Schoolbridge information page.