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We link the Primary School Curriculum and the Early Childhood Curriculum by valuing and building on each child's learning dispositions and key competencies.    

Teachers design their curriculum by observing children in their class, listening to them and building on their interests and needs. 

Literacy and numeracy are given priority in all junior classrooms.  These are the core learning areas in our classes. 

We believe fostering the Key Competencies will help to achieve the values listed above.  Key Competencies include:  Thinking, Relating to Others, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing and Using language, symbols and texts.

Learning areas such as Health, Science, Technology, Arts and Social Sciences are planned with each class's unique needs and interests in mind. 

New Entrant classes provide regular daily opportunities for developmental play as this provides authentic situations to develop the key competencies, strengthen ideas in the learning areas such as Science, Arts and Technology and to provide rich language experiences.  


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